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Safe Free Tube is a completely safe and fun way to enjoy top quality adult entertainment for free! We have access to many hardcore porn vids along with permission from the owners to show them, 2257 documents to verify them and certifications that guarantee you are safe from scammers any time you visit our site.
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*Safe Free Tube*

Many porn fans want to get free access to the best xxx adult entertainment but aren't sure what they are legally allowed to watch or download and want to stay within the rules. These days there are plenty of scammers on the internet posting illegal content, stealing videos they do not own and showing them for free on some other tube sites. That may sound like a good idea, but it can get you into some very serious trouble. Here is how Safe Free Tube is different and better than the illegal tube sites and also why it definitely should matter to YOU!

*What 2257 Documentation Is All About*

The United States government enacted a law known as "2257" to porn companies which requires that every hardcore video or picture set they produce must have a detailed set of documents recorded along with it. Those 2257 documents include things like the date of birth for models, consent papers showing they were aware they were being filmed for an adult movie and other important official forms.

That means that a 2257 compliant porn movie will always be legally made starring actresses who are over the age of 18 who agreed to be in the movies and get fucked on film so you can watch. Meanwhile, there are also some terrible people in the world who do not follow 2257 rules and film girls without their consent, or without verifying their age properly. That means if you watch movies and download movies that were not legally made, you might be accidentally viewing people illegally! Why would anyone be willing to risk having illegal movies on your hard drive or trackable via your internet connection which may result in serious criminal charges or other complications in your life when they can see the same movies legally instead?!

Safe Free Tube *only* shows videos and pictures from legal 2257 compliant producers who have diligently kept records of every film they make and every model they work with on their DVDs and pornsites. That means any movie you watch on Safe Free Tube or any link you click will lead you directly to excellent hardcore sex videos starring models who consented and were of age at the time they were filmed. That fact keeps you safer, it keeps models safer and it helps everyone avoid breaking the law intentionally or accidentally in the future. If you love staying out of jail even more than you love free porn - you'll definitely want to visit Safe Free Tube often!

*Why Your IP Address Is Important*

Every online website is capable of tracking information about the people who visit it. They use 'cookies' and other methods to see how many users are visiting, when and what they are watching or downloading. One of the easiest ways to track a user is by their IP address (internet protocol address). It's a simple numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. You can check your own IP address for free just by visiting a site like and looking at the number they show on the top.

Now that scammers and fraudsters have been caught stealing videos, movies, music and software online there are a lot of companies getting tougher with their enforcement procedures. Porn companies are definitely doing what they can to stop people from stealing their movies and that includes the people doing the downloading or watching as well as the people uploading!

Recent lawsuits have been filed in many jurisdictions by porn companies trying to get damages awarded to them. Some are against tube site owners for illegally showing their movies. Others are against 'uploaders' who copy their movies and then post them on forums or other places for people to see them. Now, an increasing number may be filed against downloaders under the theory that you knew or should have known what you were watching was stolen content and therefore YOU owe them money when you get caught!

Safe Free Tube gets specific permission from each porn company, xxx website or DVD distributor to show every single movie available on our site. If you see a movie listed on Safe Free Tube you have the legal permission of the company that owns it to watch it and enjoy it. Note that we do not authorize you to 'upload' or 'hotlink' the videos anywhere else, and that may result in legal action... but as long as you are watching the videos here without sending them anywhere else you are completely safe.

* Certifications Matter*

You may have noticed the trust seal on our website just below the login boxes. You probably have also seen a similar seal from Website Secure on hundreds of other pornsites and mainstream sites as well. They are an ethical organization that inspects merchant websites online and monitors them so consumers can be always be sure that when they see the seal they know they are safe.

We have arranged a deal with Website Secure to display the website secure information on videos that come from certified producers. That means when you see a video has a secure seal, you can be sure if you click to download it from the site that created it... their site is also being ethically managed for your protection.

Safe Free Tube helps spread the word about honest ethical companies that give you the most bang for your buck. It's a big part of the reason why so many xxx producers are willing to give us permission to show you their movies for FREE as previews and samples of the sexy exclusive content they offer you on their own paysites. Please help us support the honest porn companies by choosing to join their members areas and avoiding other sites which may get you in trouble if they are doing anything illegal or unethical.

It's all up to YOU!