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Hannah Harper

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 125
Measurements: 34C-24-34
Piercings: Belly

Hannah Harper Bio:
Hannah Harper is a blonde pornstar from a small town in England. She spent a lot of time on the beach with her family and had a lot of fun growing up. Unlike a lot of other pornstars, she has a great family relationship and has said in interviews that her parents were very open about sex, and would often talk to her about it to educate her about biology and anatomy.

At 18, Hannah Harper began modeling and started doing some softcore adult videos. In 2001, she came out to Los Angeles to do some hardcore porn scenes and loved every minute of it. A few months later, she moved to Los Angeles permanently. She loves the porn industry in the U.S. much more than in England because she feels it's more professional and knows it's much more profitable as well.

Hannah Harper was a contract star for Legend Video and Sin City during the DVD days of adult entertainment and peaked just before XXX action became very popular online. She is currently pursuing her college degree and continues to do some softcore porn modeling work, but her hardcore fuck and suck film days are pretty much over at this point.

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